Blackbird Finery

Making the world a more Dapper place Gentleman at a time.

Frustrated at the lack of Gentleman's items available at local conventions and events, Jason started Blackbird Finery in 2013. He has been a presenter at 221Bcon, Anachrocon, Frill, Dragon Con, RuffleCon, and Teslacon on matters of both vintage style and etiquette. He has appeared on several podcasts including "Stuff You Missed In History Class". Recently, he was able to act as a “Groom’s Valet”, helping the Groom’s party get ready for a wedding. He also enjoys helping to run conventions, and has been known to throw a few Tea Parties and Formal Events in his time.

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Items and Offerings

Cuff Links

Looking for a little something for the French Cuff in your life?

Tie Tacks and Tie Bars

Some assistance in keeping unruly neckwear in its place.

Ascots and other vintage neckwear

Don't let your neck remain cold and lonely.

Style Consulting

One on one assistance with everything from learning to tie an Ascot to picking out that perfect vintage look.


Blackbird Finery can be found at many events through the US.


Can speak on topics ranging from Men's Fashion History to Etiquette and Manners.

2019 shows and appearances

Sunday in the Park at Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, GA Sept. 29th

Atlanta Steampunk Expo, Atlanta, Ga Oct 4th & 5th

TeslaCon 10, Madison WI, Nov 10th through 17th

And perhaps more to come...

Get In Touch

Please contact with any questions, either about Accessories or booking Jason to speak at your event.